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I want to commend you for enrolling in this course. You will, by completing this program, serve to build professionalism for the appraisal trade as well as serve the public interest. Hopefully, you will consider continuing your education after successful completion.

Brick Wall

Just a Brick in the Wall

This course is not the end-all of courses. You must develop and learn valuation report writing. Nor will you learn product knowledge herein. Gemology, for example, is not taught.

It will cover in-depth insurance appraising theory. What no other course has done is to teach methodologies that comply with all jurisdictions. Nor has any course detailed the value approaches for obtaining insurance and casualty loss assignments, again for all jurisdictions.

Intellectual Pickpocketing is a No-No

If you take my research to use within a speech, course, article, book, or other scenarios, please give full attribution. I am not requesting compensation, merely attribution for my research and this contribution.


Yes, this is a contribution to the profession. I am doing this hoping that even a few appraisers will realize the benefit of education and take avail themselves of a formal education. The course may be free, but the information is priceless.

Do Not Get Hung Up

Yes, there will be differences in terminology and even methodology between this course and other scholarly works. But for the time you are taking this course, please accept this courses' terms and valuation theories.

This is not a course of war stories. Instead, it has citations from precedent setting cases, regulations, and laws. I am not giving legal advice but if you need legal advice, seek the services of an attorney.


Emails are not going to be distributed or sold. They will be used by me to send out notices of articles, courses, etc. of concern to appraisers. If you do not want to give me permission, then do not register for the course. Also, your email will only be used as your sign-in process and to send you the certificate of completion.

Now, fill out the registration form and get learning and you will be able to log-in and start learning. If you have a problem, you may have entered your email (here it is case sensitive) or password incorectly. If you have previously enrolled and enroll again, a double entry will block your ability to enter. You must must email me to get the problem resolved in the event of a double entry.

Write down in a safe place your password.

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