About the Ebooklets

I had hesitated to publish a book on appraising. To use a publisher translated to very low amounts realized from the sales (less than 3%) and to self publish a book would cost thousands of dollars before one book could be sold.

Thus I was content to publish an article here and there as well as web pages on my websites.

But, a book revolution has arrived, namely ebooks. The cost of publishing is very low. Now I am able, for the first time, to publish a series of ebooks and ebooklets. The savings has a direct impact on the price, instead of asking $100 to $150 per book, they can now sell from $25 to $50 - not bad for technical publications!

Since some of the publications are less than 100 pages, I decided to name them all eBooklets, regardless of the number of pages. These eBooklets will provide in-depth appraisal methodology information for appraisers. The methodology is not based upon experience or some guidelines developed from logic. Not at all - the methodologies presented were developed from researching regulations, codes and previous judicial decisions (case laws) pertaining to valuation issues.

This approach came about when from an opportunity to appraise items involved in a theft case. The five top appraisal theorists in the mid-1980s were contacted and asked them how to do the assignment - they provided five different answers.

Later that year after participating in a class detailing legal research as part of a legal assistant training course at the local college and becoming proficient at locating laws pertaining to appraisers - the real answer was researched revealing the mandatory requirements for valuing property involved in a larceny - not one of the five gurus had known the correct approach!

After researching numerous laws for assignments at hand as well as possible assignments the realization that even with proper valuation training that maybe only 5 percent of what one should know is being taught! This series of eBooklets are designed to fill in the gaps.

The real beauty of the series is that you can order what you need. Why buy an expensive book just to read one chapter?

What about the seminars I was working on? Well, the time involved was almost too much to handle. I will eventually complete them and offer them as an alternative but for right now, ebooks are what I am offering.


Bill Hoefer

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