Advanced Personal Property Appraisal (APPA) course

The Advanced Personal Property Appraisal course holds a unique status amongst the numerous valuation theory courses available. It teaches you particular valuation assignments in-depth that other courses merely mention or leave out entirely. That's right - you will be able to talk the talk and walk the walk for all important appraisal assignments.

APPA course  

If you want to learn appraising then this is the course for you.

Let's face it . there are courses and seminars that are nothing more than token offerings. You learn nothing and get a certificate. The real world of appraising involves the courts or the risk of becoming involved in a court case. If you did your work according to their mandatory rules then you will have nothing to worry about.

That's right - the course teaches you the real rules of the road. This is not just about being confident and correct but this course is about you making money doing assignments that others do not understand or do not know how to do. In some cases, you may be able to harness a market.

Here are your options:

American Gem Society (AGS)
The course has been the backbone course for the AGS' Independent Certified Appraiser Gemologist (ICGA) program for years. It is now well under way to a revision (update) and is expected to be released this next July or August.

To become an ICGA you must be a jewelry appraiser and not buy or sell as well as become a member of the AGS. It is a worthy goal, to say the least. In fact, we recommend that you look into the ICGA program if you are a jewelry appraiser who is independent.

        Contact the American Gem Society Here
Appraising Demystified (AD)
Bill Hoefer owns the course. Thus, through AD, the course is available to those who do not want or cannot become an ICGA. For example, art appraisers.

It is the same exact course and final examination. It is not an easy course or examination and title holders will have other milestones to accomplish.

The course was not written for jewelry appraisers - to the contrary, it was developed for personal property appraisers. Thus, you need not be a jewelry appraiser to take the APPA course. You do not have to be independent (not buying or selling). In fact, AD's real concern is whether or not you learn and apply your knowledge.

By the way, you cannot hold both the ICGA and APPA professional designations - it is one or the other.

Transfers - yes, you can take the course from either AGS or AD and pass the examination and then transfer to the other entity. For example, if you have taken the course and passed the final examination with AGS but for some reason want to hold the APPA tile instead . you can transfer into the AD program.

How much?

Take one of these links:
The Base Price is: $900 Enroll Me!
Subscribers to (AuO) $800 Open AuO so that I can Enroll!
Transfers: $150 Transfer Me!

Do you remember that it was July or August that the course is expected to be available? Well, if you want to enroll now and wait for the course, you can get a substantial discount! You will want to take advantage of this onetime discount (there will not be another). This offer will help offset some publishing costs and is limited to the first ten enrollments.

Take one of these links:
Pre-Release Base Price is: $800 Yes, for sure enroll me!
Subscribers to (AuO) $700 Open AuO so that I can Enroll!

Note: AuO subscribers - you will be transferred to the login page for subscribers on the AuO website. Login and open the eStore link to find the APPA course and then enroll there.

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